I will help you win more business

You always need more business. You need more customers and clients.

You need to be more proactive. You need to target your prospects and then get in front of them to persuade them to do business with you.

I help my clients take the kind of action they need to take every day to grow their business.

I’d love to help you get more business by getting the right kind of attention!

What people are saying
Domain Name Marketing Professional

I have been involved in the domain name business since 1999 and have extensive experience in both ccTLDs and the new gTLDs and am very well connected within the industry.

I’m a non-executive director of Nominet, the central Registry for UK domain names.

There are over 1,000 new types of domain names & I’d love to help you use them in your marketing.

Sales Troubleshooter

I love sales! When you follow the right process it’s really easy. In fact, it’s not really selling! I’d love to help you and your sales team get better at selling.

  • How to stop being average
  • You need to talk to more strangers
  • Get better at prospecting
  • How to make warm calls & not cold calls
  • How to get re-energised & excited about your products & services
Crypto Currency Advice

I’ve been investing in Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies for a couple of years and I’ve been investing in ICOs too. I’m writing a book on making serious money from Bitcoin.

I’m setting a couple of new Crypto businesses in 2018 and a TV show to help people understand this exciting market.

Check out my Crypto TV Show

About me

I have been in sales and marketing for over 36 years; 17 years as a Stockbroker in London and 17 years running Internet and Brand Licensing related businesses; and 2 years in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

In 2017 I set up 2 new businesses focused on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Corre Energy is one of THE most exciting business I’ve been involved in.

We are rolling our mass energy storage globally to help fix a broken energy market and we are tokenising the value of the stored energy into Impact Credits. Using The Impact Store, we are creating a new movement of Impact Retails and Impact Shoppers to help save our planet.

We are in the process of raising just under £100m and would love your help.

Go to www.corre.energy today and sign up to our Whitelist and join the movement.

I’m currently 44th on the Richtopia 100 Most Influential British Entrepreneurs list.

I’m an author – I’ve written 3 books and am currently in the process of writing my 4th book, a sales book called “Where’s The Buffalo?!”

I’m a key note speaker at events around the UK and internationally.

I was a non-executive director of Nominet – the central Registry for UK domain names for 7 years until July 2018.

I’ve also created Monday Motivation, a weekly podcast designed to kickstart your week.

I’m happily married and we have a gorgeous teenage daughter.

Years in sales & marketing
Books published
Twitter Followers
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I am a published author and currently have three books available:

31 Mistakes Every Online Business Makes

This book highlights common mistakes business owners make in the hope that you can avoid making them yourself.

The Habit

This fast moving financial thriller based around dealing rooms, bars and clubs, takes you on a hunt for a serial rapist who attacks his prey in a London taxi.

Making Millions From Bitcoin

I decided to write this book to help all my friends and family and people who I know and anyone else who wants a simple and easy to understand guide on how to get started investing in bitcoin & other Crypto Currencies.

I’m also actively in the process of writing my fourth book, a sales book called “Where’s The Buffalo?!” which will be available from Autumn 2019.

Where’s the Buffalo?


I’ve wanted to create and publish a podcast for years and I finally cracked it in June 2017.

It’s called “Dickie Armour – Monday Motivation Podcast”

It’s is a weekly podcast in which I share my business experience, insights, tips and tricks to help inspire and motivate you and your business.

You can subscribe and listen via any of these podcast player apps listed below:

Apple Podcasts | SpotifySoundCloud | Pocket Casts | Acast | Stitcher| Android


I am a powerful motivational speaker who delivers talks and presentations on:

  • Motivation
  • Goal Setting
  • Networking
  • Sales
  • Social Media
  • Bitcoin & Crypto Currencies

My enthusiasm is infectious and I love to interact with my audiences. I not only deliver inspirational key notes but leave a positive & lasting impression.

I was a speaker at:
The Marketing Success Summit in July 2016.
The Lead Gen Summit in Jan 2017 and July 2017.

I am also an MC and Auctioneer.
My last event was the Midlands Bussiness Community & Charity Awards on 14th October 2017.

If you’d like me to motivate, inspire and share business tips, tricks and advice with your team, please get in touch.

Watch my show reel

Business Advice

I am a non-executive Director with a wealth of business experience and an excellent business mentor.

You Need Attention!

I will help you & your business be omnipresent. You need to be visible everywhere online.

Investing in Bitcoin

Investing in Bitcoin

I have embraced Crypto Currencies & will help you learn all you need to know.


I am currently writing book number 4. I’d love to help you learn how to write your first book.

Sales Skills

Every business owners needs to be able to sell. I can help you improve your sales skills & win more business.

Get more Business

Your business needs new customers. I can show you how to find & get in front of decision makers.

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What people are saying about me…

Dickie Armour is one of my favourite people on the internet!- Bob Burg, www.burg.com
Dickie has been invaluable in helping us to learn how to embrace social media and use it to maximise our in house marketing campaigns.- Mike Smith, Mercedes Benz
Dickie is the real deal. He's been helping me with my business for a few years now and in that time has helped and guided me and my business to impressive new levels. If you're looking for a mentor, I highly recommend him.- Tony Stewart, Personal Fitness Trainer


If you would like to speak with me about helping your business get more attention, fill in the contact form and I’ll get in touch!

Alternatively, you can email me at dickie@armour.marketing

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